Bettina Strong

Bettina has also gained valuable leadership, business and managerial skills throughout her career as she also held the role of Director in each of the early learning centres in which she worked.

Bettina is a passionate teacher and aims to instill a love of learning by providing inspiring, engaging, and rewarding learning experiences. Bettina recognises the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in the future workspace and believes it is fundamental to begin encouraging critical thinking and problem solving in the early years so that children grow and develop into the innovators of the future.

Michelle Granelli

Whilst Michelle is a qualified accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce & CPA, over time she realised that her passion lay in the development and mentoring of talent across the organisation. This led to a career change, with Michelle transitioning from her Finance roles into Human Resources.

During her time working for a major food manufacturer in Australia, Michelle saw first hand the benefits that robotic technology provided and the increased productivity as a result. It was very apparent of the increasing role robotics will play in organisations into the future and the importance of developing programming & robotics skills for the next generation.  Robokids is a great opportunity for Michelle to continue her passion for coaching & development as well as having a positive influence in preparing our school children to this shift in the way we will work in the future.