Yes all of our team have the double vaccination certificate. Robokids is a COVID safe registered business, we comply with all health and safety guidelines in all states.

No, we bring it all to you. We provide one iPad and Robot per two students.


Our holiday workshops are coordinated by your school or community service centre. Please contact your school/community service centre to find out if they are available.

See our Workshops page.

If you click on the Contact Us link, we will come back to you via email followed up by a call to discuss your requirements.

It depends on the age of the students. We run sessions for between 1 1/2 – 2 hours depending on the age of the students. Ideally we would offer a minimum of 2 sessions, the 2nd session the following week. We have modules which run for 2 – 4 weeks per class, aligned to your Science OR Enquiry unit with an assessment rubric aligned to your reporting outcomes. These start at $10 per hour per student ie a 3 week x 2 hour session = 6 hours OR $60. This is our most popular model with our schools.

We find 26-28 students ( or your class size) per Robokids facilitator. We have the capacity to provide more than one teacher if you wish to run 2 classes at a time. This is dependent on where you are. We do run special regional programs where Weeks 1 & 10 of each term is allocated for these purposes.

We specialise from Early Childhood to Year 8
We also run After School and Holiday Workshops where multi year level students can be combined together.
e.g. Years K – 1 & Years 3 – 6 & Years 5- 8 for example.

We need to have a space large enough for the students to move around freely (a computer lab or classroom is fine) and a projector/ smartboard to connect our laptop to. We also need a parking spot, as we have quite a bit of gear to transport.

We need to know how many students, how many classes, what your school hours are and what term you would like to book.

Lessons begin at $10 per hour up to $50 for a whole day( 5 hours). We can tailor the sessions to fit your school day.

See our Workshops page for details.