Vanitha believes that children have an absorbent mind and are far more capable to handle challenges, if we give them the opportunity.  She views Robokids as a great platform for children to develop in many areas, such as: fine motor skills, inquiry, self-correction, instructional language, critical thinking and communication in a prepared learning environment. These skills are equally important in developing a child who will be able to take on the challenges of a technology realm.


Morgan is also a qualified Accountant, CPA and graduated with a Master in Business, Bachelor of Science (Finance) and Diploma in Electrical Engineering. He believes in lifelong learning and this passion has sparked an interest in engaging and sharing his STEM experience with kids.

For children of this generation, Morgan believes that Robotics and Coding will eventually be an essential skill-set that a child would require. This is especially important in a world where technology continues to create new industries and opportunities. He is excited to partner with Robokids to deliver the 21st century skill sets that our children need.