Who we are

Ian Anderson

Starting in 2018 Term 1 Robokids welcomes Ian Anderson. Ian is a specialist high school teacher, who has been teaching in Western Sydney for the past 10 years. He is a teacher with a passion for technology and robotics. Having developed his own STEAM elective based on robotics, Ian was continually impressed with the level of engagement, curiosity and genuine learning the students consistently displayed.

“I honestly believe there is a real need and opportunity to offer specialist services focusing on engaging student learning and training for staff in robotics”.



Available Programs:

Term 4 After-school Programs: 

WednesdaysGlenbrook PS K-2 WeDo Robot,  3:15-4:30
ThursdaysGlenbrook PS, Years 3-6, EV3 robot, 3:15-4:30
Fridays: Lapstone PS, Years K-2 (follow-on from last terms program), 3:00-4:15