how we run our workshops


4 - 5 year old program
Aligned to the Early Years Framework
E Learning robotics course Accredited Teacher Professional Learning

Robokids Early Years Course

Bubbling Bee Bot

Preschool & Years K


WeDo Wonders

Years 1 – 3


Spectacular Spike

Years 3 - 6

Spectacular Spike Copy

Empowering EV3

Years 4 - 8


Perfect Python (with EV3)

Years 4 - 8


NB: We can use our robots on a range of grades, we suit your needs (i.e. Kinder with We Do Wonders)


Our workshops are project-based student centred incursions all aligned to ACARA Digital Technology & State-specific curriculums.

We come to your school, and fit into your school day (we even do after school classes). We bring all of our own robots, laptops/iPads and software, allowing one robot and laptop/iPad for every two students. We ensure all of the kids are constantly engaged and differentiate the programs throughout the workshop. We also bring along work booklets suited for your student’s learning levels.

Robokids has an 85% rebooking rate with our client schools in Australia and 100% recommendation from our clients. Robokids teams will maximise programming time with every student creating a minimum of 7 – 9 programs per day. Students who finish the program receive a Student Robotics Programmer Certificate.

Our Preschool to Year 10 science incursion programs have been recognised nationally. Most of our current clients enjoy the continuum of Workshops 1-3. For example, Year 5 may participate in workshops 1 & 2 then the following year as year 6’s workshop 3.

Specific workshop descriptors are available on request.

Contact us for more information on robotics workshops and science incursions. 

NEW – Robokids Robotics Blitz Days

Do you like the idea of Robokids Incursions in your school but don’t have enough time to implement the course? We have a great solution for you, our latest program:

Robokids Blitz Days.

Robokids Provides

  • Ad for your newsletter
  • School booking system
  • Collection of money from parents
  • Collection of data from parents
  • Creates participant roles for your staff
  • Science Incursions

We need

  • Rooms to run our Blitz Days
  • Dates
  • Parking for our staff


We are changing the face of student learning by closing the gender gap in STEM engagement, increasing student motivation to continue their learning and empowering educators with the right tools to deliver to the Australian curriculum. Did you know that:

  • 90% of staff rate our workshops as ‘exceeding their expectations’
  • 95% of our Principals, Heads of Curriculum and teaching staff would recommend our workshops to their colleagues at other schools in Australia.
  • 95% of our current clients rebook the following year.
  • 75% of all girls from Kinder/prep to Year 6 surveyed said they would choose robotics if offered as an elective.
  • 85% of our students say our workshops are awesome!

Enquire now about how we can make a real impact at your school by conducting science incursions as well as workshops during after school hours.



  • All our activities are aligned to the Australian Curriculum
  • No need to manage equipment; we provide all laptops and robots
  • No buses needed to catch
  • No lost time travelling
  • No excursion forms to organise
  • We provide risk management plans to make preparation easier for you
  • Workshops can be used for Technology assessment in reporting
  • Assistance in setting up robotic programs in your school and with the training of staff



  • Before the workshops, we will email you student achievement charts.
  • We will provide you with risk management plans
  • All of our facilitators are registered teachers and have WWCC

All we need from you for our robotics science excursion program is access to a projector or smartboard to connect our laptop in a computer lab or classroom.

We cater to your school’s needs. Get in contact and let us know how we can help.

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Blitz Day Workshops

Kinder: Bee Bot 2.5 hours $27.50 ex GST

Year 1 & 2: We Do Robot 2.5 hours $27.50 ex GST

Year 3-6: EV3 Robot Full Day $55 ex GST