Favourite aspects of the workshop:  “The students worked collaboratively to use their coding skills  and working with the robots.”  Classroom teacher, Glenhaven PS.

“Well done for inspiring our young scientists!” Classroom teacher, Normanhurst PS.

“The robotics workshop was engaging and informative.  All students were supported and encouraged during the lesson and achieved great success.”  Classroom teacher, Normanhurst PS.

“Very engaging and hands on for the students.”  Classroom teacher, Glenhaven PS.

“The students were thoroughly engaged and seemed to pick it up without much prior knowledge.”  Classroom teacher, Normanhurst PS.

“It was fantastic.  All students could participate no matter what their ability and they were all engaged.”  Classroom teacher, Normanhurst PS.

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to provide positive feedback on the Robokids Bee Bot workshop that my child attended.  He attended all 5 days and thoroughly enjoyed each one of them and said it was a lot of fun learning and playing with the robots.  Michelle and Bettina also did an amazing job extending him and teaching him how to code as well.  Not only was it an educational experience but an experience that was different to the usual school holiday activities by being hands on and interacting with robots, Michelle and Bettina and the other children that attended… Thank you very much for arranging Robokids to come to Castle Towers and we would love for Michelle and Bettina to come again in the school holidays or on weekends.”   Parent, Castle Towers.

“Michelle and Bettina did a great job and we are so impressed!”  Marketing Coordinator, Castle Towers.

“Thank you to the Robokids program that was offered through Castle Towers.  All three of my children attended the event.  I had my daughter in the earlier session.  She came away fill of enthusiasm.  She had the opportunity to experience something different and new to her.  It was great to see the program combined the children’s creativity and problem solving skills with technology.  My boys participated in the older session.  They also found it a fabulous experience and so much fun building a robotic car and incorporating technology.  Between my shopping visits I was able to check on them from various levels and I found they were extremely involved in the activity.  I must say it was lovely to be able to have them so engaged whilst I was able to get some shopping done.  My boys enjoyed working with the team and I found that it was a valuable experience for all of them.  Parent, Castle Towers.