"Just fantastic - Engaging relevant to Stage level- Coding was fabulous- Students used critical thinking & problem solving skills- Offered students of all abilities success - Students were empowered- Provided opportunities for differentiation :)- Robokids teachers were fantastic. The highlight of my students year- Definitely be rebooking Robokids."

-Cammeray PS Teachers

"Excellent instruction ,challenging workshop, but appropriate- Allows students to experiment-So interactive-Great learning environment- 21st century education- Presenter was absolutely fabulous- Perfectly planned and executed to align with ACARA’s outcomes- Perfectly balanced workshop- The student worksheet was excellent, designed to meet the students needs."

-Teachers The Pittwater House Junior College

"A great opportunity for the students to work collaboratively and learn new skills that were linked to real life situations. My Year 5 class is already looking forward to the second workshop next year!"

-Peta Ahrens – Teacher

"The workshops were fabulous. Students were extremely engaged in building and programming their robots using a touch sensor, light sensor and sound sensor. They thought that it was great to be able to be able to move their robots in whatever way they wanted. Robokids staff had a great rapport with the students. She explained each step with patience and clarity and paced the workshops to enable everyone to succeed. She balanced fun with work and the kids wanted to keep going rather than taking their lunch breaks. Students thought that the pre-made robots that Michelle brought along to show them were ‘awesome’ especially when they were allowed to operate them. It was such a fabulous learning opportunity for the students and I would totally recommend booking a workshop."

-Monica Gordon – Principal

"The tasks engaged and challenged the students in a supportive learning environment. Visually this was very encouraging and exciting for the students. The workshops developed an appreciation and understanding of technology using problem solving and creativity skills to learn fundamental concepts and techniques to design and construct with hands on activities."

-Vanessa Grayson – Deputy Principal

"The students from Balgowlah Extension Studies Centre, which caters for Yr 6 Gifted and Talented students, have had a wonderful time programming the robots to perform simple to very complex tasks. A wonderful activity-based learning day for all upper primary classes."

-Linda Mekertichian – Teacher

"Their activities were catered for boys and girls ... The day was aligned to curriculum, fun and interesting and I would recommend this course for all students in upper primary"

-Mark Warren – Teacher


"I wish every day was like this"

-Every other robokid

"When are we doing it again?"

-All robokids


"James had such a great time and learnt so much!...Thanks so much for nurturing his interests and his skills in something that clearly fascinates him. He’s not really a sporty kid, so there are few opportunities for him to work as part of a team, and this was a really important aspect of this experience for him! James was presented with the inaugural Wentworth award for excellence in science...particularly for his work in robotics. He’s thrilled (and a little overwhelmed, I think) and we are enormously proud."

-Carla Treloar – A proud parent of a Robokid

"Thank you so much for the Year 5 6 after school robotics coding program & the way you interact with the kids. Eliza gained so much confidence & knowledge in her time with you."

-Katherine – A proud parent of a Robokid